ARTISTIC AND HONORABLE DISTINCTIONS In   line   with   international   standards,   HPS   awards   artistic   titles   to   those   members   repeatedly distinguished   in   National   and   International   competitions   under   its   auspices   and   honorary   titles   to those of its members having voluntarily and for a long time offered their services for   the   benefit of   the   Society.   For   the   acquisition   of   these   distinctions   specific   conditions   are   required,   in accordance with the procedure described in the following Regulation of Distinctions.
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DISTINCTION IN GREEK Καλλιτέχνης Φωτογράφος ΕΦΕ Εξαίρετος Φωτογράφος ΕΦΕ Εξαίρετος Φωτογράφος ΕΦΕ Χάλκινος Εξαίρετος Φωτογράφος ΕΦΕ Αργυρός Εξαίρετος Φωτογράφος ΕΦΕ Χρυσός Δάσκαλος Φωτογράφος ΕΦΕ Εξέχων Δάσκαλος ΕΦΕ Εξαιρετικές Υπηρεσίες στην ΕΦΕ Αριστείο ΕΦΕ Τιμής Ένεκεν 25ετίας μέλος της ΕΦΕ Τιμής Ένεκεν 40ετίας μέλος της ΕΦΕ Επίτιμο μέλος Συνεργάτης της ΕΦΕ  DISTINCTION IN ENGLISH Artist HPS Excellence HPS Excellence HPS Bronze Level Excellence HPS Silver Level Excellence HPS Gold Level Master HPS Grand Master HPS Excellence for Services Rendered HPS Honorary Excellence HPS 25 Years Honorary Member HPS 40 Years Honorary Member HPS Associate Honorary Member HPS  ABBREVIATION AHPS EHPS EHPS/bronze EHPS/silver EHPS/gold MHPS GMHPS ESHPS Hon.EHPS HMHPS GHMHPS AHMHPS
Candidates   should   complete   one   of   the   following   applications,   depending   on   the   distinction   and   send   it   by   email   to   the Director of the Service, Mr D. Paraskevakis, at , until May 9 of each year
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