Meet and contact the Members of the Board of Directors
President Spyros Iatropoulos EFIAP/p, ESFIAP
Vice-President FIAP Liaison Officer Ioannis Lykouris ΜFIAP, HonEFIAP
G. Secretary Stavros Pasiroglou
The   HPS   is   represented   by   the   President   and   the   Secretary   General.   The   President   is   deputized   by   the Vice   President.   Responsible   for   the   Society’s   activities   is   the   General   Superintendent,   assisted   by   the Commissioner. The   Special   Secretary   is   in   charge   of   keeping   the   minutes,   the Treasurer   is   responsible   for the   management   of   finance   and   the   Managing   Operator   for   the   safekeeping   of   the   equipment.   In   addition to   these   Officials,   12   more   Members   participate   to   the   Board,   which   meets   at   least   once   a   month.   The FIAP Liaison Officer is representing HPS to FIAP and vice versa.
Composition and Responsibilities of the Board of Directors
G.Superintendent Kyr. Kokkos
Commissiomer Ioannis Tsilidis AFIAP
Man. Operator Chr. Zorrbas
Member - Director of Patronage/Distinctions D. Paraskevakis EFIAP
Member S. Kokkinaki
Member Chr. Kintonis AFIAP
Member A. Tatakis
Member Z. Boviatsi
Member V. Gonis
Memebr G. Kazazis AFIAP
Member D. Kioseoglou ΕFIAP
Sp. Secretary H. Ioannidis AFIAP, EHPS/b
Treasurer Ioannis Petrogiannis
Member G. Gizaris
Member Eu. Efstathiadis EFIAP, HonEFIAP
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